Model Railroad

The model railroad is under construction and is closed for the time being.

The model railroad room at Steam into History’s Main Street Station originated as part of the organization’s desire to increase interest in history. A model railroad is sometimes thought of as a pastime or hobby. It can be that, but it also is a way to introduce people to the role the railroad, and the Northern Central Railroad in particular, played in our history.  When a young person is mesmerized by a miniature train traveling up and down grades, through tunnels, across a creek, through towns, and into the station, his or her interest is piqued. When a not-so-young person sees that same train, he or she will recall his or her own experience with an electric train. Father and son, mother and daughter, indeed, all family members may relate their experience playing with trains to the Northern Central Model Railroad.  Viewers will recognize familiar names and places like Glen Rock, Railroad, New Freedom, Hanover Junction, and York and wonder how those places and the railroad shaped our history. We seek to put individual experience together with the common experience of viewing the model and riding the rails behind York #17.

In a 650 sq. ft. room of our Station building a 144 sq. ft. permanent HO scale operating model train layout is being constructed by volunteers. This layout will depict representations of the major towns from New Freedom to York, PA along the Northern Central route. When visiting, you may find volunteers actively engaged in the layout construction and glad to answer questions.

While construction of the permanent HO layout is on-going, there is also a 45 sq. ft. 1860’s era operating O gauge model train layout on display in this room.

Railroad art and artifacts are being added to the room in an on-going basis to broaden the historical and educational experience for visitors.

Model Railroad Room